deceleration parachute

deceleration parachute
deceleration parachute,
a parachute attached to an aircraft for slowing it down during landing.

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  • deceleration parachute — A parachute attached to aircraft and deployed to slow it, especially during landing. Also called a brake parachute, drogue parachute, tail chute, or parabrake. See braking parachute …   Aviation dictionary

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  • parachute opening shock — The jolt felt by the parachutist caused by sudden deceleration when the parachute is deployed and when it opens up fully. If the opening shock is beyond the stipulated limits, the parachute can be ripped or damaged …   Aviation dictionary

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  • brake parachute — noun : a deceleration parachute * * * brake parachute noun A parachute attached to the tail of some high performance aircraft, used as a brake for landing • • • Main Entry: ↑brake * * * brake parachute, = drag parachute. (Cf. ↑drag parachute) …   Useful english dictionary

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  • drag-parachute — dragˈ parachute noun A small parachute attached to the rear of an aircraft, which opens on landing to assist deceleration • • • Main Entry: ↑drag …   Useful english dictionary

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